Truax Center Vision


The Truax Center was developed to help people who wish to work toward mental wellness. That includes a sound peace of mind and clearer sense of self. These can be accomplished by developing skills and insights resulting in better relationships and relational boundaries; and by learning about themselves—the way they are impacted by events and situations that occur in their lives and how the individual  impacts the people and situations around them.

Truax Center, PLLC, is a private practice clinic devoted to helping people achieve a greater sense of mental and emotional wellness. The most important component of the counseling experience is the relationship developed between yourself and the therapist. It is very important that you select a therapist that you can be comfortable with and who understands your issues and the approach that works best for you—these things are what will contribute to helping you feel better.


Thank you for visiting and congratulations! Sometimes simply recognizing your own need for help is the first large step toward healing and greater peace of mind.




Counseling and Therapy services are dedicated to helping individuals, couples, families or groups of people who are

• Experiencing a current personal or relational crisis

• Affected by one or more traumatic life experiences

• Experiencing a physical or mental illness and need help coping with it

• Seeking better ways of operating or making better choices

• Wishing to make repair and restoration in their relationships

• Desiring to develop a stronger personal growth path

• Needing to develop greater resiliency to internal or external forces


Using different methods and techniques, your therapist will guide you in looking at your personal history as well as current choices, helping you to identify better ways of managing your life situations. Your well-being can be based on your ability to maintain a sense of determination in your own life. A therapist can help you achieve the goal of well-being…in a culturally and spiritually respectful manner.




Call or email the clinic. We generally respond to inquiries within 72 hours and you can often obtain an initial appointment within one week.


Click HERE for a map and directions to the Truax Center, and and how to contact the clinic.

Covid-19 results in changing rules as information changes. We must respect the importance and severity of this situation. At this time, Truax Center will continue to have in-person sessions. If you have symptoms, or need to schedule for an online session, please consult with your therapist. Our commitment to your well-being is primary, and that includes your emotional and physical health and the health of the community.


If you have an appointment and feel you need to cancel or reschedule due to exposure or you have symptoms, please cancel your appointment, and there will be no late cancellation fees. If you no-show, you may have fees applied.


We use HIPAA compliant platforms for online sessions.


Take care of yourself and those around you. Check in and let us know how you are doing. We hope to see you soon!


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